FEB 08, 2024

2 AM Thoughts

It is said that human mind is not conditiones to be awake after midnight. In the artistic process, nocturnal wakefulness is a norm, if not preferred. When there is stillness and quiet, introspection and creativity thrive. In this space, Mark Andy Garcia's 2 AM Thoughts are revealed in the coded gesture of painting. His recent works are continuation of a string of contemplations previously shown in his exhibitions ...

JUNE 01, 2023

This Too Shall Pass

25th solo exhibition by Mark Andy Garcia.
See the paintings in person by visiting West Gallery at West Ave. 1104, Quezon City, Philippines. 
Exhibit runs from June o1 until July 01, 2023 
JANUARY 17, 2023

Countless Tries

Throughout much of illustrious career, Mark Andy Garcia always been drawn to portraying the rich inner life of individual, where thoughts and emotions are as real as trees and rivers and shape how the world is perceived and experienced. This world in Garcia's works in invariably nature, depicted with vigorous strokes and primeval colors, in style often referred to as Expressionism. ... 
JANUARY 14, 2023

Chasing Sunsets

Exhibition notes by Josephine Roque

Silverlens is pleased to present a collection of new works from Mark Andy Garcia which continues to explore the spiritual geographies of quiet pastoral lansdcapes redered in intricate layers and gestural brushstrokes... 
JUNE 02, 2022

In Due Time

Exhibition notes by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

In his latest exhibition, In Due Time, Mark Andy Garcia underscores how all objects and beings in this world have a season of ripening and fullness. A barren land, a long stricken with drought, will on day visited by rain. A road travelled, which may seem as almost endless, will always be conclude to its destination. A person who has known suffering for most of ... 
SEPTEMBER 19, 2020

Basic Painting

Exhibition notes by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

When an artist paints, what is exactly he is making? What is he transmitting to the audience? What gets communicated? What kind of solace that we - as audience - can find in a work of art? These are the simple and yet important and urgent questions that Mark Andy Garcia attempts to answer in his solo exhibition, Basic Painting... 
JUNE 25, 2020

To Live

Exhibition notes by Angela Singian

With a sizable body of exhibition, The Artist and his works undergoes change overtime. 
Previous works tell of times spent overeseas as a painter-grounding-in-painterhood. He builds technical skill through creative and routine excercise. While residing in the Middle East, Mark Andy Garcia ...

OCTOBER 24, 2019

Promised Land

Exhibition notes by Con Cabrera

Still waters run deep. This provers rings true in the many facets of Mark Andy Garcia - An an asrtist, a thinker, and a person who values his effect on people surround him. Garcia has been present in the art world for quite some time now but his evolution of his body of works has been palpable, if not commendable. ...

APRIL 27, 2019

Chest to Heart

Exhibition notes by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

How does one recon with the loss of life, especially someone familliar, someone dear? The mater poet writes: "Any mans death deminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and never send to know for whom the bells toll; It tolls for thee." ...

JUNE 09, 2018

Stand Still

Exhibition notes by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

Landscape, as a painting genre, has had a long tradition - Imagined and re imagined by Claude Lorrain, John Constable, ad Vincent Van Gogh, among many others. The sheer spectacle of the beauty of the external is celebrated, affirmed, and enlarged. This is the world manhas not created, and he has sung it time and time again through art...
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SEPTEMBER 21, 2017


Exhibition notes by Dodo Dayao

In Wonder is a word that is constantly under-valued and over-used and misrepresented, often whittled down to retrofit a standard lower than what it deserves. Wonder is also the title of Mark Andy Garcia's new show, choosen for how it encapsulates the emotional timber not just of the work but also of the process by which ...
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AUGUST 6, 2016

Human Nature

Exhibition notes by Jose Luis Singson

In Mark Andy Garcia presents a set of new paintings representative of the artist's distinct aesthetics indicative of his identification with the virtues of expressionism. ...
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APRIL 24, 2016

The Painter

Exhibition Notes by; Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

In The Painter, Mark Andy Garcia's 14th solo exhibition and his first since winning the CCP 13 Artists Award, what is being reconed with is the act of painting itself, of how an artist, as he confronts the empty field that is the canvas, summons the diffrent strands that constitute his life:  ...
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CCP 13 Artists Award

Text and Curated by; Jonathan Olazo

For MARK ANDY GARCIA, it is of utmost importance to maintain the integrity of the painted surface and its depiction of the world around him. He is the classic model of the artist who paints his subjects in his studio. P power of Garcia’s narrative is seen in the slices of life that dig deep into ...
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JUNE 10, 2015

Recent Works

Exhibition Notes by; Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

The 13th solo exhibition of CCP Thirteen Artists Awardee Mark Andy Garcia at the ArtistSpace of the Ayala Museum which will launch on 10 June 2015. Known for his autobiographical themes that resonate with child-like honesty, and a painterly style reminiscent of expressionism, ...
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JANUARY 14, 2015

Blessings in Disguise

Exhibition Notes by; Cocoy Lumbao

In Blessings In Disguise, the forlorn empathies found in Mark Andy Garcia’s moving portraits are diverted into the serendipitous view of an overgrowth of trees caught up in its own remarkable season—the inimitable expression the artist pours out into his canvas. ...

AUGUST 30, 2014

Two Edged-Sword

A solo exhibition of Mark Andy Garcia showcasing his recent works and vinyl sculptures. G/F RONAC Art Center, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
  • 1502 Manila, Philippines

  • "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, ..."  - Hebrews 4:12
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MAY 20, 2014

Passage of Time

Exhibition Notes by; Rica Estrada

Mark Andy Garcia has always painted actual events and personalities from his life. For his first solo exhibition at the CCP, Garcia looks towards more existential subjects. The title Passage of Time refers to the time that goes by while he paints. ...
SEPTEMBER 15, 2013
Recent works by Mark Andy Garcia. “Better Days Ahead,” was motivated by sad experiences: “Recently, I encountered tragic events that affected me emotionally and spiritually. My works in this show are reflections of these events, which led me to learn to handle things differently than before. When my surroundings change, I also change. This change leads to growth.” ...
MARCH 9, 2013
Exhibition notes by; Alice G. Guillermo

Mark Andy Garcia’s paintings in this show constitute an album of memories and keepsakes of experiences in his own life.  His art indeed comes from the depths of his being...
AUGUST 9, 2012
Exhibition notes by; Marie Anne Fajardo

Mark Andy Garcia is at his most relaxed and peaceful phase of his life, as he captures his favorite hangouts and close companions on canvas in Somewhere to Lay My Head, his sixth one-man exhibit at West Gallery. Such relaxed attitude can be seen in the way he uses more colors and ...

SEPTEMBER 13, 2011
Exhibition notes by; Marie Anne Fajardo

Artist Mark Andy Garcia chronicles his life experiences not with a pen and paper, but with a paintbrush and canvas. He is the first to admit that his paintings are autobiographical, using expressionist images that recall ...
FEBRUARY 12, 2011
Exhibition notes by; lI

Acceptance is the last stage of grief. In For Dear Life, Mark Andy Garcia shares the most recent pages from his visual diary. The images reflect his mental and emotional state several years after personal tragedies overwhelmed him, the foremost of which was the death of his father...
MARCH 30, 2010
Exhibition notes by; Jeena Rani Marquez-Manaois
Mark Andy Garcia paints from the very depths of his soul. He mines his young life and fills his canvases with his digs...
FEBRUARY 7, 2009
Exhibition notes by; Clarissa Chikiamko

Art is like a journal, Mark Andy Garcia once said. If it is a journal, the selected works in this exhibition script the startling, tumultuous past year Garcia has had. The unusual succession of events that have unfolded in Garcias life within close ...

MAY 6, 2008
Exhibition notes by; Jay Bautista

Two years ago, Mark Andy Garcia and a handful of young artists of his age joined the throng of 3,000 Filipinos who leave everyday to work in Saudi Arabia. The 830,000 square mile desert is home to 28 million people including 1.5 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who hope that one day to return to their country and fulfill ...